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Welcome to Lehmier Electric & Water Treatment, the Exclusive Distributor for the ScaleBan™ (an Electronic Water Treatment System for Hard Water) and Salt-Free Water Conditioning. Lehmier Electric specializes in non-chemical water treatment, drinking water treatment, ultraviolet germicidal lamp purification, hard water treatment, alternatives to water softener treatment, acid neutralizer systems, limescale treatment, calcium and calcium magnesium deposit treatment, well pressure tanks, water heaters, booster pumps and all water treatment problems, without salt or chemicals. We also specialize in installation of automatic emergency backup electric generator systems and PureWash systems. Lehmier Electric does water testing for calcium hardness, pH, iron, total dissolved solids (TDS) and nitrates.

Lehmier Electric has been in business since 1980. We've installed more than 8000 ScaleBan™ Units. We're a good standing member of the Better Business Bureau. Ted Lehmier personally stands by what he sells. "If it's not good enough for my home, then it's not good enough for yours." Ted has the ScaleBan (over 27 years), whole house carbon filter, generator, and PureWash.

Please CONTACT US to request a no obligation FREE ESTIMATE and also a FREE WATER TEST for those who qualify! We return all phone calls and e-mails!

PA Home Improvement Contractor Number: PA 017358

717-627-1001 • 412 Rome Rd • Lititz PA 17543