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Acid Water Photo Gallery

Hummelstown PA • Before

This customer had a Eco water treatment system and water softener from Eichelbergers. They spent thousands of dollars on the system and a lot more money over the years they had it. It never took care of their acid water or iron problem.

Hummelstown PA • Before

If you view the in pipe and the out pipe, you will notice that the system didn't make any changes to the water and didn't reduce the amount of iron.

Hummelstown PA • Before

The blue-green stains were due to the acid water leaching the copper from the pipes, into the water.

Hummelstown PA • After

The customer gave up on Eichelbergers and called me. I removed the old system and installed mine. They love it. The after picture shows an acid neutralizer system installed with an Aqua iron filter tank and the scale ban.They no longer have to deal with the salt or chemicals and my system fixed the pH and iron problem.

Wrightsville PA • Before

Wrightsville PA • After

Myerstown PA • Before

Myerstown PA • After

Lebanon PA • Before

Blue-green stains in the tub were caused by untreated acid well water leaching copper from the pipes.

Lebanon PA • After

L.F., Ephrata PA • Before

This customer's septic system was destroyed from the water softener back washing saltwater into the septic tank on a continual basis. Cost the customer thousands of dollars to repair and had to install a whole new septic system.

L.F., Ephrata PA • After

This system was installed in July, 2002 and will prevent any further acid water problems without back washing and without salt or harmful chemicals. Customer is very happy.



D.M., Dillsburg PA • Before

Very dangerous acid neutralizer system. Outside rain spouts installed by a home warranty company to fix a water leak. We would like to know why? Caustic soda container, designed to raise pH, but it is very dangerous. If caustic soda is splashed in your eyes, this can cause blindness. Unsupported filter made changing filter very risky. Water storage container to capture water from leaking pipes. This acid neutralizer system was not working, they had blue green stains, leaking pipes, bad fixtures, rust stains and orange stains. The plumbing in the home was failing due to acid water.

D.M., Dillsburg PA • After

Acid neutralizer system installed with iron filter, carbon filter and scaleban. The customer is extremely happy with the results which were immediate. We did a water test, pH levels were normal and the water is crystal clear. Customer is happy they don't have to deal with potentially dangerous chemicals anymore. Pipe leaks have stopped. The rust stains and blue green stains have disappeared. Customer's water is safer to drink without chemicals. The water tastes fantastic now. In the old system the water had a chemical and metallic taste to it. The customer's skin and hair is not dry anymore. Their washing machine now cleans clothing properly. They canceled their home warranty, as they found it to have no value.

R.H., Narvon PA • Before

Non-working acid neutralizer with water softener. They had blue green stains, leaking pipes, bad fixtures and the water heater started to leak. They also had a lot of orange rust stains.

R.H., Narvon PA • After

Acid neutralizer, iron, carbon filters and scale ban. This customer has nice clean water the blue green stains have disappeared. The Ph is normal and they no longer have rust stains.

Fleetwood PA

S.V., Pine Grove PA

This was a brand new home and had no system. The water was acidic and had a low ph with iron in the water. This caused staining on the fixtures and also while doing the laundry. The customer did not want use the standard salt water system, or any chemicals to fix their problems.

This system was installed in February, 2003. This customer had iron in their water but it was not severe, so we cured their problem without using our dedicated well master system which costs much more. The first thing we did was get rid of his acid problem by raising the ph and then we installed a iron filter to remove the iron problem, and the scaleban was installed to neutralize the hardness. Customer is very happy with the results.

B.Y., Palmyra PA

No existing system. Customer had blue green stains, pin hole leaks in the pipes and rust stains.

Customer is very happy with new system. The customer no longer has acidic water or rust stains. No additional pin hole leaks.

J.S., Northern Maryland

This was a brand new home and had no system. Customer had blue green stains throughout the new home. All fixtures where degenerating and customers wife's hair was starting to fall out.

This system was installed in February, 2001 and solved an acid water problem discovered during a water test. The pH was 5.6 and now is 7 which is a neutral level. Customer is very happy.

T.K., Tower City PA

Customer had an acid problem which was destroying the domestic plumbing and their heating and air conditioning system.

This system was installed in December, 2001 and solved an acid water problem discovered during a water test. There are two acid neutralizer systems in this home, one for domestic use and one for heating and air conditioning.

S.L., Pennyrn PA

Customer had an acid water problem with an acid neutraulizer and a salt water softener. Both systems were back washing and wasting thousands of gallons of water per year.

This system was installed in November, 2000 and solved an predetermined problem that was not being corrected with his previous system. The system installed now is less maintenance and requires no salt use or back washing or wasting water.

P.T., Mechanicsburg PA

This was a brand new home and had no system. We tested their water and they had an acid, iron and bacteria water problem, with a rotten egg smell.

This system was installed in July, 2000. They now have crystal clear pure water without salt or chemicals and are very happy.

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