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Booster Pump


Models: BT20-30, BT20-40

Pump Design Features:

  • Single impeller or multistage centrifugal.
  • Closed vane impellers.
  • Unique floating impeller neckrings.
  • High grade stanless steel pump shavt, impeler/s, diffuser/s & casing.
  • Rotatable discharge through 360º.
  • Mechanical shaft seal.
  • Oring casing seals.
  • Torrium® control with adaptive cut-in pressure.

Motor Design Features:

  • Davey designed.
  • 2 pole, 3420rpm, 60Hz.
  • TEFC with IP55 enclosure.
  • Class F insulation.
  • Permanently split capacitor design.
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum lantern bracket and drive end endshield.
  • Protected against both high operating temperatures and high current by a built-in automatically resetting thermal overload.


  • Manufactured from highest qualtiy corrosion resistant materials - meets ANSI/NSF61 and CSA-C/US.
  • Torrium® offers even pressure without cycling.
  • Adaptive cut-in pressure on Torrium® allows for installation on higher static head installations.
  • Pump protected from damage caused by dry running.
  • TEFC motor is corrosion resistant and excludes dust and dirt.
  • Motor and pump designed for frequent starts.
  • Discharge may be rotated through 360º, plus 12", high qualituy, 304 stainless steel braided discharge hose included - reduces noise transmission through household plumbing and maes plumbing easier.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to service if required.
  • Compact design.
  • Unique floating neckrings provide outhstanding efficiency without compromising grit handling.
  • Low pressure loss through removable in-built check valve in Torrium®.

Operating Limits:

  • Capacities to 30 gpm.
  • Max. total head to 76 psi.
  • Cut-in pressure adapts to 80% of last shut-off head pressure.
  • Min. setting 15psi.
  • Max. setting 80 psi.
  • Cut-out flow rate 1/2 GPM.
  • Max. liquid temperature 150º F.
  • Max. ambient temperature 120º F.
  • Max. suction lift 25'.
  • Inlet size 1 1/4" F.
  • Outlet size 1" F.
  • Max. pump casing pressure 116 psi.
  • Max. system pressure 100 psi.


  • Large homes.
  • Maximum pressure = 50 psi.


  • Average to large homes with double stories or long runs of plumbing.
  • Maximum pressure = 76 psi.

Torrium® Delivers Flow-On Benefits:

  • It’s not easy living with water pressure problems. Poor or inconsistent water pressure can result in a broad range of problems like poor showers or slow filling dishwashers etc. That’s why Davey invented the extremely clever, Torrium® Pressure System Controller. Five years in the making and thousands of hours of world wide, in-the-field testing have culminated in a Pressure System Controller that can actually think for itself.
  • The Torrium® can automatically adapt to changing conditions…because it has an in-built ‘brain’ that can out-smart every-day problems. It also means there’s far less installation and maintenance issues. This unique ability to respond to changing circumstances ensures a steady, reliable flow of water is virtually guaranteed day after day, year after year.
    With a Torrium® system you’ll hardly notice the pump start. Better still while you are using water, like in the shower, the pump doesn’t cycle, overcoming those annoying temperature and pressure changes.
    Torrium® measures the system pressure and adapts the system cut-in pressure according to circumstances, thus providing a more reliable system with improved comfort and convenience.
    If you run out of water, the last thing you need is a pump that continues to run without water. The Torrium® detects a loss of water supply (prime) and shuts the systems down. What’s more it will Auto retry to re-establish prime if possible and Auto-restart on water flow return.
    Auto retry in Torrium® allows the system to reset itself after a loss of prime, thus helping reduce system downtime.
    Torrium® is equipped with a status indicator to make system fault finding quicker and more accurate. Torrium® can tell you if you have a slow filling toilet cistern, a loss of prime, a slow leak, low supply voltage, water over-temperature, even if someone has tried to bypass the Torrium®!
    Torrium® has been designed to get the most from your pump, including pressure. The Torrium® has a very low water pressure loss through it, so that you can get the best performance at your outlets.
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