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Pool UV Lights

• Titanium-PVC reflects UV rays extending the life of the housing with a lifetime warranty. Unlike regular plastic or standard PVC units that can emit vinyl chloride or other toxic material. The lower cost makes these lights perfect on the budget for a high quality unit.
• These new units come with a specially coated lamp which lasts up to 50% longer, extending lamp life to 14,000 hours of continuous service.
• Thermically-sensitive electronic ballast further protects our new UVC lamp, by automatically shutting down when the unit becomes too hot, preventing damage to both the lamp and the unit (Restarts automatically when it cools down)
• New LED sensors built into the ballast plug alert you if the power is off - Red, or when the light needs to be changed - Yellow.
• Now everyone can afford to have safe drinking water, pool and pond water with one of the most advanced high quality USA made and warranty backed Titanium UVC units.

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