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Kellogg Company, Lancaster PA

Kellogg Company, Lancaster PA

Harley Davidson, York PA

The cooling tower at the Harley Davidson plant in York, PA used to get heavily scaled with calcium. It was costly to shut it down and clean it out.

Since we installed the industrial scale ban unit, the cooling tower has remained scale free. The unit has already paid for itself. They are very happy with the results.

D.B., East Petersburg PA • Before

D.B., East Petersburg PA • After

R.M., East Petersburg PA • Before

The existing Rainsoft ® system overflowed and spilled saltwater over customer's floor. Salt damaged and stained the concrete. The Rainsoft® system was running constantly. It was backwashing and not cleaning the water. The customer did not like the taste of the water because it tasted salty. The the daily backwashing of the Rainsoft® system also increased their water bill.

R.M., East Petersburg PA • After

The Rainsoft® system was removed and the ScaleBan system installed. The customer is very happy because the ScaleBan is maintenance free, her water tastes better, her water bill went down, and she no longer needs to buy salt.



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