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I want to personally thank Ted Lehmier of Lehmier Electric for our new Scale Ban and whole house water filter system! We are so pleased with the results, even after just days of the system being put in. The Scale Ban has made an obvious difference to the hardness of our water. When we moved in to this house, the water was leaving white marks on all the counters and faucets. It was also hard to get soap to lather. Not anymore! Our skin, hair and clothes even feel softer and cleaner! And with our new water filter system, the water tastes amazing! It truly is just like having bottled water coming from every faucet. I trust Ted Lehmier to recommend and do what's right for families. He is very honest and very reasonably priced. I know he truly cares about the quality of my family's water. I would recommend Lehmier Electric to anyone! Thanks again Ted! You have made a difference in our everyday!

N.R., Lancaster PA

When I moved into this home, the water smelled, was orange and couldn't be used for drinking or cooking. There was an old salt system in the basement to soften the water, but there was nothing to clean up the water to make it usable. I was not happy with the salt system and Ted installed the ScaleBan to soften the water - I liked the idea of not using salt, which was very hard on my skin, and I wasn't looking forward to hauling the heavy bags of salt. Ted fixed all that with the ScaleBan, which works beautifully. To clean up my water, he installed a multi-filter system to remove the elements he had identified by testing my water before he did any work here in my home. Since he installed that system I have the cleanest, purest, best tasting water I've had in any home I've ever lived in. I change the filters on his recommended schedule and have never had the smell and dark color and horrible taste I had before his installation. Ted is always 100% professional and explains things to me before any work starts, and in language I can understand, without talking down to me. I trust his work and trust him in my home.

Duncannon PA

Ted Lehmier, of Lehmeir Electric and Water Treatment, installed the acclaimed and patented "ScaleBan" to condition/soften our hard water. In addition to this, he installed an iron filter, to filter all the iron out of our well water. Mr. Lehmeir spent a lot of time unclogging a severely clogged water line to our furnace...the line was clogged from lime build-up from our incredibly hard water. The quality of my life increased tremendously with the installation of the ScaleBan Water Treatment unit. Our well water was so hard it was literally clogging and ruining everything that the water touched...from the shower doors, all plumbing, and my hair. It was literally impossible to get any soap to create suds...and the water would leave my hair dull and straw-like. Forget using the dishwasher! As soon as the ScaleBan unit was installed, it was magical...we finally had fantastic water pressure; the water didn't ruin my coffee maker; my hair has a glimmering sheen...the list goes on and on! The science of the ScaleBan is brilliant and it's GREEN! I love the idea that there are no heavy bags of salt to carry; it's totally salt and chemical free. And the maintenance is minimal! I highly recommend Lehmeir Electric and Water Treatment. Get a ScaleBan to improve your water quality in every way, with GREEN, state-of-the-art science! IT'S BRILLIANT!

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how happy we are with the new water system. Our water pressure has increased, the clarity is much better and the taste is as well. If you ever need a reference in the Dillsburg area feel free to contact me. Thanks again.

N.C., Dillsburg PA

I can tell so much difference in our water since you installed the scale ban.  My clothes feel so much softer when I take them out of my washer, even more softer when I get them out of the dryer.  Add us to your list of very satisfied customers.

L.M., Linglestown PA

Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are very pleased with the scaleban that you installed almost two weeks ago. We are already seeing a difference in our water especially when showering and doing the dishes. With our new scaleban and new home, BOY would we make a GREAT commerical for you. (Laughing) :)

S.G., Lancaster PA

We are very pleased with the system you installed - it has made a huge difference. Feel free to use me as a reference in the future. Thanks.

M.W., Elizabethtown PA

I just wanted to thank you so much for the scale ban system you installed. I can't tell you the amazing difference in just a week!! My dishes are clean, my skin is soft and smooth and our clothes feel so soft! My house actually feels cleaner! I'll recommend you to anyone who will listen! Feel free to use me for a reference if you ever need one. Thank you again so much.

K.D., Mechanicsburg PA

We had a water softener in our old place. When we built The Strawberry Patch Bed & Breakfast building, we decided to try the ScaleBan. We didn't want to bother with the maintenance and the salt of a water softener. We really like the ScaleBan. Our cleaning lady really likes it. Cleaning the Jacuzzis and bathrooms are a lot easier.

B. & C., Lebanon PA

I had very bad iron and acid water. I had a few water softeners. They were not working at all. Everything was turning dark brown and orange. The water softener companies kept lying to me telling me it would get better. It kept getting worse. All they did was take my money. finally I had Ted install his acid neutralizer system and iron removal system. Its like a miracle the water is finally clear. The staining and smell are gone. I would recommend these systems to anyone with an acid and iron problems.

M.K., Lititz PA

I very hard water from my well. I had a salt softener. The salt was killing my aging septic system. Then, when I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink and it tasted like salt water, I decided to call Ted Lehmier. I am very happy with the ScaleBan and would recommend it to anyone.

S.M., Carlisle PA

I had several water softeners and had them all removed because of all the water they wasted backwashing. About a month after the ScaleBan was installed my wife's blood pressure came way down! My skin doesn't itch anymore either! I am very happy with my ScaleBan.

G.S., Mechanicsburg PA

We live in a hard water area and we had all of the usual problems you have with hard water such as getting soaps to lather, spotting on dishes, dry skin, calcium buildups, etc. Ted Lehmier put a ScaleBan unit in and the improvements in the water was just fantastic! We highly recommend a ScaleBan for hard water. It sure beats carrying salt bags.

J.M. & L.M., Lancaster PA

I had a Culligan (tm) water softener that was fighting 86 grains of hardness. I was using about 200 pounds of salt a week. It was always backwashing, an flooding my basement. My boiler coil would clog 3-4 times each year, leaving me without hot water. I had to spend $150 each time to have the coil cleaned. Finally, I called Ted Lehmier. He was the answer to my nightmare! The ScaleBan is great! The water feels soft and tastes great. The coil has not clogged, since Ted put the ScaleBan in along with the special filter for the boiler. I would recommend the ScaleBan to anyone!

Dr. E.F., Mechanicsburg PA

Ted put a ScaleBan unit in our house and we noticed a difference in the water right away. The water feels nice and soft, and we don't have trouble getting soap to lather up like before. My hair shampoos nicer now and feels softer.

Mrs. L., Lancaster PA

We were quoted $18,000 to replace the limescaled radiator plumbing lines in our older three story home. We thought your ScaleBan was worth a try because it is so reasonably priced. Well, after three months of use we have heat on the third floor again, and we really do believe we are over $17,000 ahead. Thank you very much.

Dr. & Mrs. B.A., Philadelphia PA

We have our own well and septic bed here in northern Minnesota where the water is very, very hard. We have always wanted to do something about the hardness, but didn't want to risk ruining our septic bed with salt. The ScaleBan does a fine job. My wife loves the way her hair and skin feel after bathing. To be really honest, I couldn't tell any big differences at first. I guess I was so used to hard water that I really didn't know what to look for. Anyway, my wife's really happy now, and so am I.

Mr. & Mrs. D.A., K., MN

Your ScaleBan sounded almost too good to be true. We ordered one because it's guaranteed. The installation was straightforward. Then , we followed your recommendations to drain the plumbing lines after several weeks. Wow! What a shocker that was! We had never imagined we had so much goop on our pipes. For a minute there, we were afraid the whole plumbing system was dissolving. But, just as your instructions said, it was all of the scum and sediment glued into the pipes by limescale. Thanks for the tip.

F.F., Brookfield WI

We are retired here in Florida and had a whole house softening system installed when our home was built. That system cost a lot to maintain, since we don't lift 80 lb. bags of salt anymore. Our water always tasted funny with the salt softener operating. The water dried our skin after showers, and the lawn sprinkler heads kept clogging up. Since installing the ScaleBan , our water tastes better, showers and baths feel good, and the sprinkler heads just keep on working. We are really delighted.

Mr. & Mrs. E.E., Englewood Isles FL

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are very pleased with the Scale Ban system that you have installed in our home" Our water clarity is excellent and we have noticed a diminished amount of calcium and dirt particles as well. We have also noticed that the sink faucets and toilet bowls are remaining cleaner for a longer period of time. Thank you for your fast courteous installation and response to our initial call. We wish you continued success with the sale of this system.

K. & L., PA

Additional testimonials and references are available upon request.
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